Friday, 28 January 2011

A Birthday!

A certain little lady turned 15 this week! I think I have shared this photo with you before but it is my favourite. Em is sitting on the Rocking Horse at Pecorama, Beer, Devon, with her bear Eddy teddy and she is wearing the Kipper Jumper I knitted for her, aged four. Happy Birthday Em. xxx

Thursday, 13 January 2011

New Year, New Horizons

Its the New Year we are back at school, the budget is going to suffer huge cuts. We've been warned there's a real risk of redundancies and possibly a re-organisation. What delightful news to start the year!
So I got stuck into some knitting, a new pair of gloves in Regia red wool. Not too much knitting at a time as I don't want to upset the hand - the bruising is healing. The gloves are to replace a pair that Em bought me for Christmas but they spectacularly unravelled on our day out in London. They were only pocket-money gloves, but they went back to the shop for a refund and grumble.
I read the book Chocolate Wishes which Ali gave me for Christmas it was a lovely read - not too heavy going, I have also read the same authors book - the Twelve Days of Christmas. On the TV my favourite series at the moment is Zen although this coming Sunday is the last one! I like his style, good looks and his co-star is stunningly beautiful.
Our first week back at Rangers and we spent the time doing a couple of activities from the Girlguiding World Conference pack which is taking place later this year in June in Edinburgh, talking about rights and beliefs, then making a diversity web, which was finding out about things in common with each other with a ball of wool to pass back and forth creating a web of diversity. It was great fun with lots of laughter and giggles. Hope you have a good week. Jane x