Monday, 13 September 2010

Time flies again

Again time has flown and my blog has been neglected. My excuse? well the end of the summer holidays passed in a blur of illness so my break in Dorset with the family was spent mostly in bed ill - yuck!
Though we did manage a day out in Swanage which was perfect. We caught the steam train from Norden just north of the village of Corfe, and chuffed sedately down the line to Swanage. Then at a leisurely pace we explored the town stopping to visit the wool shop. We had lunch at a lovely cafe on the seafront and then a wander along the promenade, stopping to watch Punch and Judy. At the end of the day we retraced our steps to the station for another steam ride back to Norden. (big silly smile,) I love steam trains, Tony prefers diesels that fill up the canopy with clouds of thick black smoke and their engine sounds so unique.

Friday 3rd was back to school, the shock of a 6am alarm, dark mornings, Em in year 10. Oh my goodness! We have heaps of admin work, lunch breaks have become a distant dream, hopefully things will settle down soon.

Home life is a lovely contrast though, I have completed another cross stitch picure, this beautiful poppy from last years Crossstitcher magazine.

Rangers started again on Wednesday with a visit to our local museum to see the 100 years of Girlguiding exhibition with a slide show after of photos of Lord and Lady Baden-Powell. Which most of the girls seemed to enjoy.

Saturday was our Autumn Fair, sadly the weather wasn't kind and it poured on and off all day. The Rangers ran the cake stall and did quite well, there were lots of delicious cakes for sale as well as a tombola, bouncy castle, raffle, coconut shy etc. typical then that Sunday was glorious weather!
I'm just off to make a cup of tea now and do a bit of stitching, my new project is Quaker Christmas.
Its stitched in a very dark (almost black) green, gold and red.
I hope you have a lovely week, Jane x