Saturday, 28 January 2012

New Year and lots of stitching.

My New Year has been busy with stitching, as one of my friends handed in her notice at the beginning of the month and left on Friday. She brought her dog Cassie into school to listen to the students reading each week, her cake making skills will be much missed as well. The designs on the sampler are a mixture of Jo Verso people, bowl of carrots from the sampler girl and cupcakes from crossstitcher magazine. I designed the school logo, caravan, for sale sign, the sand castle and cassie listening to the child are my own design.
I also managed some stitching over Christmas as gifts - Britter Kitty and Britter Puppy for the christmas tree.
Now I am working on a beautiful heart cross stitch as a gift for another friend.
Today in my local supermarket I came across a new magazine called Mollie Makes it is lovely and has some delightful projects and beautiful things to read about and make.
Hopefully back soon
Jane x