Wednesday, 31 October 2012


Half term is here and school and College are on hold, time to kick back and take it easy. Late mornings, lazing about the house -well mostly as Tony still has to work. Saturday was spent in Dorset visiting family, Sunday was a lazy day with a visit to the cinema in the evening to see 007's latest movie Skyfall. Outstanding film and loved every action packed minute Daniel Craig was everything one expects James Bond to be.

With the arrival of the cooler weather here my yearning to knit has returned. I finished off a lovely ripple scarf which I knitted in Regia Sock yarn. Presently I am crocheting a ripple blanket for me to use in the evenings whilst watching tv. Today we have a house full of teenagers celebrating halloween with scary movies, costumes and pizzza. Just off to warm up the pizzas. Happy Halloween Jane x

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Tempus Fugit

Time flies when you are having fun! Since I last posted we spent the summer holidays visiting my parents in Dorset.  Then we drove to Paris to visit Tony's family, they took us on a day trip to Rouen and saw the Grand Horlorge. in paris we visited the Trocadero and its museum opposite the Eiffle Tower with our cousins.
At the end of our five day stay we brought Auntie back to England to stay with us for two weeks. We visited Brighton - The Royal Pavilion and the shops, also London to see the sights and visit Harrods, many places and villages across Sussex too.
After we had safely delivered Auntie back to the Eurostar train to return home to Paris, we flew off across to Italy. We spent a week in Florence, Italy which was wonderful. The daily temperature was between 33-36 degrees, the sun was glorious after all the weeks of rain soaked summer back home.  We retreated inside each day around lunchtime/early afternoon to cool off and rest before returning to the streets in the late afternoon. We visited all the sights, ate delicious food, we browsed the many shops, took far too many photos but we had a wonderful time.  Back soon Jane x