Thursday, 15 May 2008

Thank you Leigh

Look, what arrived in the post today for my birthday. Its from Leigh in America. My favourite colour purple in yarn, a beautiful blue flower brooch and a cute card with a monkey on which Leigh made. Thank you very much Leigh, I love my birthday presents. I shall have great fun finding a pattern for the yarn and wearing my lovely blue flower brooch.
Works in progress: another baby blanket, this time made of crocheted granny squares in a rainbow of colours in baby yarn. It will be for another teacher friend who is expecting in the Autumn.
I am pleased to say that the Grey Wagtails are still with us, building their nest. They chirp and sing to each other whilst they are nesting, both bringing material to the nest. At the beginning it was moss and strips of grass which they have woven into a perfect oval shape and then they have lined it with cream coloured hair or wool. We have had a couple of occasions when a blackbird has landed in the same climber and the Wagtails didn't like it, so I'm hoping that it doesn't scare them away.


Locket Pocket said...

Your wagtails are gorgeous - and so are your goodies from Leigh - it's happy birthday all over again! Lucy x

Willow said...

Lovely looking yarn. Have fun dreaming and planning!

Ally Jay said...

Gorgeous yarn, can't wait to see what you might make.

Kaz said...

ooohh lovely pressies you got there Jane! Your birthday's lasted an age - how good is that?!!

I hope you find lots of eggs in that nest, what a lovely thing to keep watching.

Mrs Moog said...

What a lovely birthday surprise from Leigh! I love the colours in the yarn.

Glad to hear your wagtails are still doing well. I had a meeting in a school yesterday and they proudly showed me their 'nestcam' of a Mummy Blue Tit and 7 babies!


Aqeela said...

I have tagged you Jane, i hope you dont mind!!

Lindsay XX