Wednesday, 17 September 2008

A Busy Week

It has been a busy week and I hadn't realised that my previous post was last Tuesday. The first of my friends at school, who is expecting her baby this week, finished last Friday. So, we had a get together at lunchtime for a gift giving. I slipped in the star blanket I had made earlier in the year. It was a hit and well recieved which was a huge relief. Emily lost a tooth and had a visit from the Tooth Fairy. Each time the Tooth Fairy visits, Em always leaves her a little letter and this time was no exception. The Tooth Fairy duly collected the tooth and left a £1 together with a reply to Em's note. Now, all the fairies that have visited so far have had pets. In the last few years we've had: Sarah & her cat Toffee; Gabriella & her puppy Ralph; Lady Lucy and her pet sheep Lucy Lamb and, this visit Serena and her pet puppy Charlie, a cocker spaniel. All was fine until she let slip that not all fairies have pets some have teddybears to keep them company on their night time journeys. Em turned to me and said I think this is a Mummy fairy (oops, I'm a big fan of TB's). I smiled and said me? A fairy? I'm too big! I wouldn't fit the costume. It made her giggle!

On Tuesday we returned to the hospital to see the consultant following on from the biopsy at the end of June. Although the results haven't returned from the hospital in London - have they lost them? We have established during the holidays that it was dairy produce making Em so ill, as soon as we stopped dairy foods the problem stopped immediately. So, Em has been discharged, hoorah!
Being dairy free may seem easy but it is fraught with problems. She can't eat butter, milk, yoghurt, cream or creme fraiche from cow, sheep or goat due to the lactose content. But then there's all the hidden dairy in sauces, cooked meats (why?) cakes, biscuits, pastry etc.
We have found soya: milk, desserts, yoghurts, Parmesan cheese substitute, free from dairy cakes and biscuits in the supermarkets. But the most difficult thing has been cheese Soya cheesly has not been a success because Em doesn't like the texture. So if you know of a different cheese which is dairy free, we'd love to know please.
Finally some stitching, I have made another Biscornu. This time its slightly larger than a 50p coin and is my own design using the DMC variegated threads. Happy crafting Jane x


Andrea said...

hee. hee. your tooth fairy story made me giggle... :]

Locket Pocket said...

I'm so glad you managed to find out what was making Em poorly - but I can imagine it is difficult finding suitable substitutes for everything.

I love your tooth fairy story!

Lucy x

Mrs Moog said...

Our tooth fairy foolishly decided to write the children a letter each time she comes to collect a tooth. They also have to be tied up with silver thread and if she doesn't enquire after the health of the tooth-losing child's sibling there is hell to pay!!


The Blonde Duck said...

Those are so cute!

mushroommeadows said...

hehehe the tooth fairy letters is such a cute idea! And they have pets, too? How adorable! :)

raining sheep said...

That is one beautiful blanket. I have not knit a stitch this week - I have had the worst week at work. I think however, I may have received your parcel because I have a little parcel notice in my mailbox...I will be running to the post office on Monday :)

Kaz said...

That's really awful that the results haven't got back, but good that youseem to have found the reason yourselves.

That blanket is so cute!!

Willow said...

Lovely blanket! I'm glad it was such a hit.

Being a teacher in 1st grade this year, I have already admired one toothless grin from a little girl who lost her tooth at school.

I don't know of a substitute for cheese. Sorry.

dottycookie said...

Dairy free sounds like a right pain, but I'm glad it's helping. And congrats on the tooth - though your tooth fairy is far more industrious than ours, with letters and all!