Sunday, 16 November 2008

Time Flies

Hello everyone. Life has been hectic in the CC cottage for the last two weeks. Ali had a couple of asthma attacks at Uni last week which were caused by a nasty chest infection. So she went home to Granny & Grandad for five days to recover. Thanks to G & G Ali has returned to Uni today ready (almost) for lectures. We went down to Dorset for a visit over the weekend and enjoyed Granny's delicious braised steak hot pot; and we celebrated Tony's Birthday which is this week. We also had the added bonus of seeing Ali, which was lovely. Earlier in the week with school I went on a visit to Gunwharf Quays, Portsmouth to look at reimaging and rebranding with A level Geography students. The weather was horrible but we went up the Spinnaker Tower and had a reasonably good view. The shops were nice too. The students spent time doing their research and assessment but it wasn't easy for them in the pouring rain.
Finally I'd like to say thank you to
Rainia from Raining Sheep, she has sent me some beautiful Moo cards. Thank you Rainia, I shall enjoy using your lovely cards.


The Blonde Duck said...

I'm sorry Alli got sick! I hope she's doing better! I'm glad to see you back. I was wondering where you went.

Ally Jay said...

Poor Ali, hopefully she's well enough now to cope with the work until the christmas break. Will she head home to you over the Christmas?

Willow said...

Don't we always get bogged down with work in the middle of November at school? I'm pleased you're back. My life has been a bit hectic so I haven't been in blogland much.

I was interested in the photos of Portsmouth. I just finished reading a book about the mutiny on the Bounty (the researched/true story) and the court martial of the mutineers took place on a ship in Portsmouth harbor.

Elizabeth said...

Hi jane. Snowing madly here as I write, and only November! Love your Paris photos and the wet Portsmouth ones.

raining sheep said...

Thanks for sending me birthday wishes on my blog. Obviously Tony's birthday was this month as well. Hope Ali is doing much better now. Glad you liked the cards...they are my favorite photos that I took over the past year.

Mrs Moog said...

Great views from the tower Jane! We live so close but have still never made it up to the top - we've stood wistfully at the bottom once or twice!!

Glad to hear Ali is on the mend again.

Hang on in there until the end of term :-)