Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Baby Care

Last week Em's year had to take care of a baby for a whole week as part of their development lessons. They were each given a hardboiled egg which they had to name and look after. Here is Em with Eadbert, many of her friends chose names for their eggs; e.g. Sheldon, Shelly, Spencer, Eggy, Phoebe and Shelly McEgg. Em decorated an egg box for Eadbert to live in with bed, tv, reading book, chair and table as well as a string of pasta shapes as a baby mobile. Finally I made a tiny pink teddybear for Eadbert. (Em was hoping for a girl) Em was going to make a power point presentation of her, her friends and their eggs but sadly by Monday most of the eggs stayed at home with their parents or went to school with siblings so she never got the photos she wanted. Instead Em took a photo of her rubber egg Eggbert visiting Eadbert for my blog. Em did really well and managed to get to the end of the week without any breakages. Jane

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