Saturday, 21 August 2010


Last week we visited Paris, T's cousin had a liver transplant and is slowly recovering as things didn't quite go according to plan. We also managed a little sightseeing during the days, we went up the Tour Montparnasse and marvelled at the views of Paris. We walked around the shops close to the Notre Damme and St Michaels fountain, along the way we found the church of St Severin and marvelled at the beautiful old stained glass windows although there are some new ones as well. we tried to visit the Chateau Versailles but the queues were so long we would have been waiting for nearly 4-5 hours so we went to find St Germain-En-Laye and walked around the village. This week has been spent going out with friends to the pictures and a local

museum. I have managed to find some time for my cross stitch and I have finished my Mary Wigham which was a pattern available from Needleprint. I started last summer and worked away at a great speed loving every stitch, but then I had to stop for samplers to be made for friends leaving/christmas stitching/knitting etc I have picked it up and done little bits during the year, but I managed to finish Mary Wigham this morning. I am delighted with the finished piece, I just need to decide how I want to display it, framed, or backed and on a dowel. Here is the before in October and the finished piece today.


Willow said...

Someday I'll see Paris... thanks for the tour :)

The crosstitch is amazing! So intricate!

LauraRN said...

The Paris pics are tres belles! I absolutely love the crosstitch piece. What a thoughtful piece of work.

Willow said...

Jane, I want to email you but I can't find your address. Please contact me willowknitsatyahoo. Thanks!

Ally Jay said...

Great pictures. My cross stitch project is beginning to fall behind schedule. It's for a birthday in November but I haven't doen any work on it for a couple of weeks.