Tuesday, 12 October 2010

We've been busy changing the main home computer. Our old one died two weeks ago and we have been learning our way around a Mac. It is a re-furbished G5 hopefully more reliable than the last machine. Very pretty in appearance but at times a touch frustrating whilst we re-acquaint ourselves with new ways of doing things. We've had a Mac before but it was an older model and although we still have it and it still works it has a tiny memory and can't be upgraded.
Autumn is showing in our little garden, the spiders have been busily spinning their webs across the paths and doorways. The Pyracantha or firethorn is laden with berries and the mini Asters are edging the border with beautiful mauve flowers.
Cross stitching has ceased on the Christmas sampler, but there is a little halloween stitching on the go instead.
Rangers spent last Wednesday having an American evening and inventing their own line dance to Cotton Eye Joe, which they performed for the Guides at the end of the evening and had a lot of giggles and laughter along the way. Hope you have a good week. Jane x


The Blonde Duck said...

How fun!

Candy corn tastes like pure sugar.

Ally Jay said...

good to catch up. My rangers are working on a their own silent movie telling the history of guiding in NZ