Monday, 20 December 2010


Another month has disappeared with alarming speed, it started with Ali's Graduation on the 30th November. Sadly I don't have photos as my camera decided to play up! Thankfully my parents took theirs so I'm hoping for a chance to copy the photos over Christmas. Travelling back from Graduation on the following morning, I arrived at Clapham Junction Station expecting to catch a train back to Sussex having come up from Dorset on the 5.18am. After a half hours wait we were told all trains had been suspended to the south coast! five hours later I caught a train. This photo is the village church in the snow. Since then I've been busy with Rangers doing their end of term show, which was brilliant. Stitching a special gift for my friend Debs and another gift for another friend which is yet to be given. Debs Loved her NOEL hanger and is so delighted with it that she facebooked it too. Finally the snow came back to Sussex not quite as deep and crisp and even as last time, but just a disruptive to the flights, Eurostar and roads. this photo is of the village pond and the poor frozen ducks.
Knitting, stitching etc has been suspended as
I have over done it recently and the osteopath has recomended a rest so my back and hand have a chance to recover, worse yet I have try to retrain my brain and left hand to use the mouse on the computer as I've bruised the bone in my right hand! Ouch! see you soon. J x


Andrea said...

Congratulations to your daughter! What an accomplishment. :)
I hope your back and hand heal soon.

The Blonde Duck said...

Merry Christmas!

Louise said...

I love the church and gravestones in the snow. Congratulations to Ali on her graduation. x