Thursday, 13 January 2011

New Year, New Horizons

Its the New Year we are back at school, the budget is going to suffer huge cuts. We've been warned there's a real risk of redundancies and possibly a re-organisation. What delightful news to start the year!
So I got stuck into some knitting, a new pair of gloves in Regia red wool. Not too much knitting at a time as I don't want to upset the hand - the bruising is healing. The gloves are to replace a pair that Em bought me for Christmas but they spectacularly unravelled on our day out in London. They were only pocket-money gloves, but they went back to the shop for a refund and grumble.
I read the book Chocolate Wishes which Ali gave me for Christmas it was a lovely read - not too heavy going, I have also read the same authors book - the Twelve Days of Christmas. On the TV my favourite series at the moment is Zen although this coming Sunday is the last one! I like his style, good looks and his co-star is stunningly beautiful.
Our first week back at Rangers and we spent the time doing a couple of activities from the Girlguiding World Conference pack which is taking place later this year in June in Edinburgh, talking about rights and beliefs, then making a diversity web, which was finding out about things in common with each other with a ball of wool to pass back and forth creating a web of diversity. It was great fun with lots of laughter and giggles. Hope you have a good week. Jane x

7 comments: said...

Happy New Year, Jane. I'm trying to get organized--- a continuous challenge, you know. Best wishes with the "reorganizations" at the school.

Willow said...

I see that I have missed a couple of posts from you! Your visit to London looked wonderful! And Congrats to Ali on her graduation!

Enjoy the knitting and don't worry about the redundancies :)

Elizabeth said...

Happy New year, Jane.
I'll have to watch out for that show if it comes across the pond. Rufus Sewell hard not to like :)
Can't wait to see the knitting.

raining sheep said...

Happy new year Jane - hope your 2011 is splendid. Sounds like you are already right into it. I have no time to knit at all. My mother requested new socks and I start school again next week, and, well, I am not certain new socks will happen :)

Ally Jay said...

Chocolate wishes looks like a really sweet read, judging by the cover.

Little House By The Sea said...

Thanks for your comment on my crochet, I have wanted to learn for ages. I understand about the redundancies, we have not been fficially told as of yet but our school is facing the same financial worries so I think it is only a matter of time before people have to go.

S x

Louise said...

I hope the New Year doesn't bring the news you fear. Keep positive, that's all you can do. x