Saturday, 23 June 2012

Rain, Rain Go Away.

After the excitement of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee ( I watched every moment of the TV coverage) life has plodded on punctuated by rare moments of sunshine. Most of the rest of the world is intrigued by the English obsession with the weather, and our obsession at the moment is when the sun will return. We are now officially fed-up with all this rain and the flooding it brings.

June half term we spent Thursday up in London and went to Leicester Square and found M & M's World it was amazing, Chocolate and Peanut heaven with lots of funny photo oportunities.

Today is our village fete and i am hoping it will be dry and sunny as I am running a coconut shy with the Guides and Rangers. Hopefully back soon Jane x


Willow said...

I've been hearing about England's dreary rain--so sorry! Even here we have 'June Gloom'--fog and low clouds all morning and even some mist. I'm sure it's sympathy for you :)

LauraRN said...

I watched a small bit of the festivities-- It was a busy work time and I was either at the hospital or sleeping...
What is a coconut shy?