Monday, 3 September 2007

End of the Summer Holidays

Yesterday (Sunday) we visited Bently Wildfowl and Motor Museum, at Halland near Lewes, East Sussex.
Our favourite cars: Tony's - Jaguar E-Type and MGB GT
Emily's favourite car Lamborghini Diablo!
My favourite; VW Beetle, this particular car has covered almost 884,000 miles! and is on its fourth engine, second gearbox and is 47 years old.
There was also the ducks/wildfowl from all over the world and the house, gardens and miniature railway to visit.

We had lovely day out.

So it is back to school for both Emily and me this week, back to normal routine of work and school. (think I'd rather stay at home and knit!)

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LauraRN said...

Wow! I'd love almost any of those cars! (The Bug's a small though, but brings back some memories of my youth.....)