Thursday, 13 September 2007

More Teacosies

Tea Cosy No. 2 a variation on the Jean Greenhowe pattern but this one has stars and a lantern
Tea cosy No. 3 based on the pattern from Laughing Hens using some colours from my local shop

Finally the best news for us came at the beginning of the week, Emily had at last risen high enough up the waiting list to start at the school where I work. Emily was so excited and happy and she is settling in really well and making lots of friends.

Now I'm starting tea cosy No. 4. By the time I've knitted 10 I'll probably never want to see another tea cosy pattern ever again! I am enjoying knitting the cosies but I have my eye on attempting some socks, buying a couple of books - Charmed Knits and Classic Knits for Real Women amongst others, and finding more lovely patterns to knit.

There is a chill to the air in the mornings and it now begins to feel like Autumn. Our tomatoes have been lovely this year - we grew Tumbler in wall pots and they have given us a sweet tasty crop, although because of the cold weather they seemed to take ages to ripen. Next year I will try some more vegetables but as our garden is tiny there won't be many.

It is a rectangular plot 15ft long by 20 ft wide. Although it faces east we have the house next door blocking the sun during the afternoon. This is nice in the summer as the garden is often in partial shade by 1pm and full shade by 3.30pm. In the winter the sun barely touches the garden for more than a couple of hours, so our garden is suitable for shade loving plants.

I planned and planted it myself and got a builder/landscaper in to do the heavy work.


Anonymous said...

Lovely tea cosies and the garden looks nice. Glad you daughter got her school choice.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely site you have. I love knitting tea cosies and everyone looks forward to the latest design. I am looking for a pattern for a cosy that resembles a "fairy cake" ribbed base and white iced top with small pearls stitched on to resemble the silver sweet balls scattered on the cakes.If you come across such a pattern could you let me know. Season's greetings to you and your family and thank you for a glimpse at you lovely garden. Dottie