Thursday, 24 January 2008

Monkey fun

Earlier in the week I went to do some food shopping nothing usual in that except that we found that PG had a give away. A Monkey hat perfect for keeping little monkeys ears warm or as a sleeping bag for your PG monkey.

On Saturday I went to the bi-monthly breakfast meeting of the Women of Light, we had a talk given by Christine Noble and we celebrated the breakfast meeting's first birthday with a beautiful cake made especially by one of the ladies for the occasion.


Leigh said...

You do know that Bentley and I are sooooo drooling over that monkey hat!!! I am just green with envy over here, where they give away nothing good ever!!!

Oh my gosh, that cake is too cute! I will bet that is one great group of women!!

mushroommeadows said...

What an awesome hat! :) Ohhhhh, that cake looks scrumptious, by the way!

Leigh said...

Because, you have the best holiday photos, and a monkey hat! I gave you an award. Just pop over and pick it up!! I do so love your blog!!