Wednesday, 29 April 2009

My Birthday

Last Sunday was my birthday, we went out to Amberley Working Museum, they had an industrial trains weekend. All the little quarry engines came out to play, some were the engines that used to work in the chalkpit carrying lime to the de Witt Kilns. Most of the engines were diesel, one was electric with a huge box full of batteries and there was one steam engine. The Museum has been busy with improvement and repairs and now that funding has been granted for the restoration of the De Witt Kilns further work is underway. Still not much knitting being done, more reading Last night I even picked up my cross stitch! I hope you have a lovely weekend, Monday is May Day Bank Holiday in the UK. Jane x


mushroommeadows said...

Happy belated birthday! :) Trains are just magnificent!

Willow said...

Happy Birthday, Jane! It looks like you had a lovely time! Trains are so fascinating and changed our worlds completely.

Gina said...

Happy Birthday for last weekend Jane.

Locket Pocket said...

Happy Birthday Jane! Sounds like you had a lovely day out! Lucy x

Louise said...

I must visit Amberley sometime. I have lived in this area all my life, and haven't ever visited! You must have had a lovely day out for your Birthday. x

The Blonde Duck said...

Happy birthday! I'm glad you had a lovely time! I wish I would have known--I would have made you a pie!

The Blonde Duck said...

What is a banofee pie?

Anonymous said...

A belated Happy Birthday to you xx

Anonymous said...

Hello Jane
Thank you for your visit and comment
Hope you've had a good day

Anonymous said...

Hi Jane
Many thanks for your lovely comment.
Good luck with the dreaded HW. I always hate starting it, but feel so much better whwn it's done.
Sound slike you have a lot of lovely projects lined up, would love to see them :o)
A warm, happy (and hopefully sunny) weekend to you. x

Islandsparrow said...

Dear Jane - thank you so much for dropping by my blog! I've enjoyed looking at your lovely pictures of English countryside in spring. Hope your birthday was lovely!
Kind regards