Friday, 25 September 2009

Baking and Macmillan Coffee Morning

The staff at our school had a coffee morning for Macmillan - world's biggest coffee morning. Many of us made cakes and the money pot was looking good at the end of break (total collected to follow) This was the cake I made and half of it disappeared - hopefully the rest will go at lunch break. Earlier in the week Em made a victoria sponge cake in food tech lesson. (cookery to you and me) She changed the butter to vitalite - dairy free and added 1 teaspoon of baking powder to the self raising flour, which helped the mix to rise as the vitalite tends to be wetter than normal butter. Her cake was such a success she got top marks and it was delicious. Finally my stitching progress on Mary Wigham; It has been very easy to work with in the evenings, I love working in all the different colours. Ali is back at Uni now, so tomorrow we are planning to go and visit. This photo was taken in the summer hols in Dorset. I hope you have a good weekend/week. Jane x


The Blonde Duck said...

I think that's so cool she can substitute things like that and understand it. I just throw a bunch of crap in and it works or it doesn't--so I stick to recipes.

Louise said...

Lovely cakes. I used to enjoy cookery lessons at school. I hope the coffee morning went well. It's great you raised money for such a good cause. x