Monday, 30 May 2011

Half Term - and a Huge Sigh Of Relief

We have finally made it to half term, and the threat of compulsory redundancy has been lifted because three people have volunteered to take redundancy at the end of July as they are close to retirement, but with their leaving goes the experience and wisdom of the years spent in the job so it is bitter sweet.

Recently the weekends have been spent at home or in Dorset. We visited the local village fair in Dorset and listened to the brass band playing whilst having tea and cakes, browsed the book stall and bric-a-brac. I found a new pin board for Em so I could have her old one for the Rangers at camp, (we put the timetable, rotas and other info up) . Our cousin from Paris is visiting in a couple of weeks time too, so we are on a spring clean mission!. Back soon, as its half term we have some fun planned this week but it is laced with revision as Em has Science, Maths and Geography Modular exams after half term, Oh the joys of being fifteen, - its not fair! Jane x


Louise said...

I'm pleased you've had a reprieve regarding your job. It's a worrying situation, I know. I hope Em's half-term wasn't marred with the prospect of those exams? The Dorset fair sounds like it was fun. x

The Blonde Duck said...

Hooray! I'm glad everything is well!