Sunday, 9 March 2008

Day out in Cheltenham

Gina has sent me this beautiful corsage (thank you Gina) so I can wear it when I join the bloggy friends meeting up for our Bloggers Convention in London on Friday which Lucy Locket suggested here

Yesterday we travelled up to Cheltenham to take Ali out to lunch to celebrate her birthday. We visited a shopping centre/mall with a clock that performs on the hour. It spins round collecting balls and this triggers bubbles from the mouth of the fish. A little mouse also pops out at different points around the clock face. Then we walked around Cheltenham and found some lovely shops. I found some unusual tea spoons from the Whittards shop to add to my collection.
We then stopped for lunch in an Italian Restaurant where the food was delicious. The journey up to Cheltenham only took us just under 3 hours and 3 1/2 hours to come back and that included going on the M25. Before we left Ali showed us a very funny clip on YouTube but it is one of those catchy little tunes that stays in your head. :-)

I have been knitting like fury for the last two weeks to make my bunny for Heleen in the Bunny-hop-Bunny-swap and she's nearly finished. I haven't posted any pictures as that would spoil the surprise.


Patti said...

Sounds like it was a lovely day. I do like the teaspoons. I feel a visit to Whittards coming on!!!

Mrs Moog said...

Not long now!!! Can't wait 'til Friday!!

p.s. fab spoons!

mushroommeadows said...

hehe I call my blog friends "bloggy friends" too! :) It sounds cute.

Have fun on your meeting!

Unknown said...

What a lovely day out! I can't wait to see what you come up with for the bunny swap. I'm halfway through mine...but I'm getting stuck on the hand made card!!!

julie said...

hi jane

love the teaspoons so pretty, I love whittards especially their christmas teas. looking forward to seeing what you make for the bunny swap.


ps hope you don't mind but I came across your blog when I was over at cupcakes at home

Leigh said...

I hope you have a great time meeting your bloggy friends! Those spoons are delightful!!!

Mrs Moog said...

Hi Jane,

If you email me I'll send you my mobile number for Friday - just in case you happen to miss me with my huge pink carnation!!


Aqeela said...

I love the spoons, whittards is one of my favorite shops!
And although ive never seen or read any of the harry potter films / books, the youtube clip was incredibly catchy!! And over 36 million people have watched it! Gosh we waste so much time!

Leigh said...

Hi again! I have given you an award, just pop over to my blog and pick it up!