Saturday, 15 March 2008

Our day out.

I went to work first, then caught the 11.30 train up to London to meet Lucy, Lesley (& Ally), Val & Gina arriving at 1pm at the London Business Centre. It was wonderful to meet them all, they are each as lovely in person as on their blogs and that does include Ally although she doesn't yet have a blog! I met the girls in the Yorkshire Tea area, and got a very warm welcome. I was given some beautiful gifts, a bag from Lesley, a mug cosie and cookies from Val, Lindt bunnies from Ally and a lovely wallet from Lucy as well as the beautiful carnation Gina posted to each of us prior to the show.

Our carnations generated a lot of questions and interest from stall holders as we walked around, our explanation of blogging friends meeting for the first time in the flesh impressed many and raised questions with a few as to 'what is blogging?' It was lovely to walk around the show and see all the beautiful items for sale. Ranging from garden furnishings to house decor and knic-knacks and then clothes, jewellery and food. I saw lots of things that I would have loved to purchase but I also found lots of inspiration for craft projects I'd like to make. There were some very expensive items - art work £300 + and then there were little eggs and chickens for £1.50 each. I did buy a very cute name plate for Em with an Easter chick popping out of an egg, chocolate Easter Bunnies and a lovely pewter spoon with a seahorse on the handle (I collect teaspoons).
We stopped for lunch and had a goats cheese & onion tart with roasted hazlenuts on top plus a drink. We continued our tour finding many more lovely items including a beautiful wall hanging (which I fell in love with but couldn't afford) on the Susie Watson Designs stand. I also found some delightful china in cream and terracotta on the ground floor, but at £17 per mug! The show hall looked beautiful all dressed up in pink, yellow and green. Together with the profusion of bunnies and chicks peeping from nearly every stand, it really felt as though spring had arrived (shame its gone into hiding today, its been raining here since lunchtime) By the end of the day we all had tired feet, full bags and nearly empty purses. We had a lovely time and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting my bloggy friends and I can't wait for the next time we get the chance to meet up (We could do with having a get together some where so we can sit and chat, crafting at the same time too.) My only regret is I didn't take enough pictures which is unusual for me. Check out the other blogs for some lovely photographs of the show.


marit said...

Does it sound stalky if I say I wish I could have been there??? It sounds as such a perfect day, and I hope you get a chance to meet again soon (and share it with those of us who are too far away..)

Mrs Moog said...

It was so lovely to meet you yesterday and I'm definately up for the next meet - the chatting and crafting idea sounds good :)

My feet have only just stopped screaming but it was more than worth the pain to meet up with such a fab group of ladies!

Oooh, I love that wallhanging - it looks even better seeing it without sore feet!

Lesley xx

Monkee Maker said...

Your grand day out sounds great, I've really enjoyed reading everyone's account.

Did you really need a craft fair though? With all the lovely hand-made and chocolate goodies that were being exchanged, I think not!

The lunch sounded tasty too, and judging by Lesley's picture of an empty plate, it was!


Patti said...

WHat a lovely day you've all had.

It sounds like it was worth all the walking and arranging.

Locket Pocket said...

It was so much fun wasn't it? Now I just need to work on getting you all to move further north!!!!

Willow said...

It looks and sounds like everyone had a wonderful time!

Gina said...

Fabulous to meet you too Jane. I'm with Lesley - a day chatting and crafting sounds perfect! Can't wait

Gina xxx

mc said...

Found you through 'grand day out posts' What a thrill it must have been to meet up with each other. Thanks for sharing your day with us all!

Leigh said...

Woohoo, it really sounds like you girls had a ball! I have loved reading about your day and seeing all of the pictures! Now, this is all said with a little envy and a lot of love!