Saturday, 1 March 2008

Happy St David's Day

Happy St Davids Day,
I've been out in the front garden clearing up the last of the leaves and cutting back the dead wood on the rambling rose. It is freeeeeeeeezing as the wind howls across the front garden! This photo was taken in my Mum's garden last spring on 4th March. Our front garden is too exposed for tall daffodils so I have planted several clumps of the tiny Tete a Tete daffodil.


Mrs Moog said...

I love Tete a Tete daffs and have lots of lovely clumps of them in our garden. The local council has planted the grass verges with them near to us and they look so cheerful.
I hope you have a lovely Mother's Day :)

mushroommeadows said...

Happy St. David's Day to you, too. :)

Oh, how I wish I could garden. :(

Aqeela said...

Who was St David? I dont follow any of the St Days and dont know much about many of them, though most seem to be people who killed alot of people - hardly something to celebrate!
I also have tete a tete and i think thats what i photographed on my last post. My purple iris's are probably going to be out in full bloom by the end of this week, if the wind hasnt damaged them too much, some got flatterned by flying plant pots in last nights glorious wind storm!

Aqeela said...

Actually i just googled St David and he sounds incredibly pious and humble, so i think maybe he was worthy enough to be well respected, and remembered by all.

Mrs Moog said...

Hi Jane,

I just wanted to say thank you for your lovely comments. Sending you a big hug (((())))


Leigh said...

I love the pic, so spring like and I am ready for it! Happy (late) St David's Day!