Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Summer Holidays

We've finished school for the summer today although I succumbed to a bad stomach so I missed the last day of school. I was sad because two friends were leaving - Andrea is moving to Bristol having been a teacher in our school for the last two years. I stitched a sampler of all the people in our department and also those she helps in other activities like the Duke of Edinburgh award, and then we decorated a box with some shells on the lid from the earlier fieldwork trip to Littlehampton, Andrea was delighted with her gifts.
My other friend who was leaving today was Meriem, she has only been with us a short time but has made many friends, so we got together and bought her a vase which she loved.
Today (Thursday) Em and I are feeling much better so we are off to visit my parents for a few days with plans to go to the beach etc. We are still waiting for results from the hospital! but have discovered that Em can't eat any dairy products at the moment either. Happy Holidays back soon Jane x


Mrs Moog said...

I hope you have a fun and relaxing time this summer Jane :)

Your stitchery of all the teachers looks great!


Anonymous said...

Yes... summer vacations have begun, it's the time for me to plan a family holiday trip.

raining sheep said...

Hope you will have a great time with Em. It must be difficult to know what to make for dinner! My friends little guy is celiac and lactose intolerant...she is lucky in that she has special stores and bakeries that cater to people with those kinds of issues here where she lives...I know it makes life a little better for her.

Elizabeth said...

Have fun at the beach!
Thank you for your comment on my porch post. For some reason I wasn't getting notified of all comments and I just found it.
Screened in porches are very popular here, as are three-season ones where the screens are replaced by windows for cooler weather.

Willow said...

What a beautiful box and embroidered cloth! You are so talented.