Friday, 1 August 2008

Awards and holidays

Gina and Willow have both given awards out to their readers/commenters of which I am one. Thank you ladies, the rules are: Post the logo, link to the sender, and pass it on to five/seven other blogs. I have decided to give it to everyone who reads and comments on my blog, because I in turn read and enjoy your blogs. Thank you.
Em and I went down to Dorset to visit my parents, our days out included Weymouth beach on the day that it was featured on BBC1's The One Show and the film crew took a shot of our sand castle, we were very excited but sadly our castle didn't make it onto the show.
We also spent time visiting Clevedon Court, Bristol (NT) and Old Sherborne castle which is a ruin from the Civil War and the recently restored Castleton Water Wheel. The weather was beautiful with blue skies and sunshine.
We also went to see two films: Mamma Mia! which was just brilliant and we'd love to see again, then we also went to see Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging which was another good film.
Sadly during the week we heard from the owner of the house we were going to stay in Brugges in a couple of weeks time. During restoration to the house next door the builders have found problem with the water supply which affects both houses. We have been to Brugges before but were looking forward to visiting all our favourite places again. We can have a full refund but now will be staying at home for the week.

Tomorrow Em is off to Guide camp for the week and is very excited about it all. Quite by accident we have discovered that Em is dairy intolerant so have stopped her eating all dairy products. Immediately she recovered from the illness that has plagued her for weeks. Still no Biopsy results, but the blood test came back negative. So, she may not be coeliac after all but for the moment, to give her tummy time to recover, she is to stay wheat and dairy free. After Guide holiday we may try wheat food and see if she is ok or not. Happy weekend Jane x


Elizabeth said...

Brugesis one of my favorite places.
so hope you get to go there before too very long.

mushroommeadows said...

congrats on the awards!!!

I hope Em gets better; a wheat and dairy-free diet seems hard, but there are so many tasty and great products out there right now that are just that!

raining sheep said...

Mamamia was one of the best plays I ever saw. I went to one of the big productions they had in Toronto with a bunch of girlfriends and wow did we ever have fun. Probably betrays my age, but I knew all the songs off by heart practically.

Mrs Moog said...

Congratulations on your awards!

Sorry to hear about your holiday being cancelled but I hope you have a lovely time at home.

Great job on the sandcastle :)

Gina said...

Sorry to hear your trip to Brugge has had to be cancelled but hope you enjoy your summer at home - sounds good so far! Hope Em's tummy get sorted out!

Willow said...

My son and daughter in law saw MamaMia when we were in London but we didn't go to see it. Maybe we'll try to watch it via netflix.

I'm sorry your holiday plans didn't work out. Hopefully you'll get there another time soon.

Enjoy your quiet week.

And congratulations on your award!

Ally Jay said...

I went to Bruges for my honeymoon. Really loved the place. Hope emm has a breat time at Guide camp, we have a guide and ranger camp coming up in a fortnight's time just for a weekend.
Superb sandcastle, shame it didn't make the show.