Friday, 8 August 2008

Dorset and Pincushions

Photos from our holiday in Dorset at the end of July.

Old Sherborne Castle, which was dismantled during the Civil War after it fell to the Parliamentarians.

Castleton Waterwheel, Sherborne, now fully restored

Clevedon Court, Bristol.
This week I have been sewing - Pincushions. This all came about because a few months ago one of my frequently visited blogs (it may have been Lucy or Lesley) did a post about pincushions and I realised that I don't have a pincushion! I trawled the web and found some wonderful patterns: Flower Pincushion Square Pincushion Hedgehog Pincushion Pretty Patchwork waterlilly Chicken Small Flower Thumb Pincushion Mothers sewing box in between doing other things around the house I have been busy sewing. They aren't quite ready to be photographed yet but when they are I will post a photo and do a give away to celebrate a year and 1 month blogging (1year and 3 months being a member of blogger).
Finally a photo of the finished Sydney collage hung up at Guide Camp last week.
Happy crafting Jane x


Locket Pocket said...

Your quilt with the Guides is absolutely incredible! The girls will always remember taking part in the making of it!

Looks like you had a lovely holiday!

Lucy x

Mrs Moog said...

Wow Jane - your Sydney banner is fantastic!! You and the girls should be really proud of it.

Lovely photos of your holiday. Dorset is such a beautiful county.

Those are great pincushion links - I have to make one of those lovely flower type ones :)

Congratulations on your first year of blogging - doesn't time fly?!!


raining sheep said...

That waterwheel is's HUGE. I have never seen a waterwheel before...can't say they are too plentiful here in Alberta...Alberta is only 100 years old!

Andrea said...

looks like you had fun!

Willow said...

I just have this thing for castles, ruined and otherwise. Sometimes I think I should travel the world photographing castles! I love yours!