Thursday, 14 February 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

Finally the secret knitting project is finished. I found the pattern in Let's Knit magazine for a hot water bottle cover, which I adapted and changed to a heart shaped cushion as a valentine's gift for Tony(he loved it) He also got a bar of chocolate.

Trying to knit in secret was quite a challenge, i had a little time in the morning before work and in the afternoon after school. Took me about 2 weeks.


Mrs Moog said...

Wow Jane that's lovely!!! Hope you have a great Valentine's Day :)


Monkee Maker said...

Aww, what a cute gift. I hope he got you something equally lovely?

Happy Valentine's.


Leigh said...

Oh, I love it!!! Happy (late) Valentine's Day to you!!!

Suzie Sews At DOTTY RED said...

I love this, so cute

Gina said...

That is very cute Jane!A lovely gift.
Gina x