Sunday, 10 February 2008

Sunshine and Promenade

Saturday: Em went to a Mardi Gras sleepover with the Guides.
We went for a drive down to Littlehampton, walked along the harbour front and spent time watching the boating activity. The sun was warm on our faces but the wind was cold, the views were beautiful.

Later we drove along to Worthing for a walk along the beach to see how much of the wood was still awaiting clearance. Quite a lot of wood is still there although it has now been gathered up into huge heaps at the top of the beach. Almost the full length of Worthing beach is fenced off to keep the public out of the way of the big diggers working to clear the wood.

We walked along to the pier and on the way stopped at the former Lido, looking back at the machines sifting the beach for wood. On our return walk we noticed the Parks department are redesigning and replanting the gardens at the end of Heene Road. This photo was taken in the summer of 1998, it will be interesting to see the finished garden this summer and how it will compare to the old gardens.
Sunday: Collected Em, she had a lovely time. Yesterday - they did High School Musical karoke, went out into the woods exploring and other activities, in the evening they visited each others rooms and went to bed around 11pm! today they had a Mardi Gras party after breakfast.


Mrs Moog said...

Ooh, we're off to Worthing in a couple of weeks! My best friend lives there - just a two minute walk from the beach. Shame about the wood though - we were planning days on the beach with the children!! Thanks for the tip off :)

Lesley xx

mushroommeadows said...

Wow sounds like quite an adventure...especially the exploring in the woods. :)

OH by the way, thanks for the sweet comment. My cousins loved the rainbow puffs. I cut them out and hid them in the garden. :) It was pretty cute, watching them try to find the puffs.

Mrs Moog said...

Hi Jane, thanks for the update on Worthing's beaches. I have a feeling we may not have the weather for it as winter seems to be on its way again!!!

Lesley xx

Leigh said...

Owww, your pictures are beautiful!! What a lovely time you and Em had!

What happened to the wood and the original garden?

This looks like a spectacular place to visit, you lucky lady!!