Sunday, 3 February 2008

Party & Other Things

On Friday Em had her three friends round for a meal and DVD - they watched HP & The Order of the Phoenix, followed by Pizza and cheesy chips with a Tatty Teddy Birthday cake after.

At the book stall on Saturday I found some books

Then Tony found a clock in the antiques shop for a £1 and it was working. He collects clocks mostly mechanical although one or two electric clocks have crept in.

Then I found this beautiful alarm clock for £1 but it wasn't working. I decided to buy it and see if I could repair it. In the afternoon at home I carefully took the clock apart and found that the clock had been regularly oiled, so much that it was every where inside the case and round the face but thankfully not to much on the movement. Just drying off the excess oil and putting it all back together then cleaning the top and bottom plate up as they are brass, made the clock look and sound much better. It has a very quiet tick, It is an Oris - swiss made, 800 cal with an 8 day movement produced in 1952. The clock is working beautifully and keeping perfect time.

This afternoon Em spent some time making up a small Thomas Kinkade jigsaw of Stepping Stone Cottage. I love his pictures they are so full of colour and hope. I'd just love to live in this beautiful cottage.
When I studied sculpture and wood carving one of my teachers took us up to London to Tate Modern & The Courtauld Gallery. At the end of the day he asked me what I had liked best of all and was shocked when I said that my favourites were the older style of paintings and I didn't much like the modern stuff as it didn't make much sense! He then pressed me for my favourite painter - which I finally admitted was Thomas Kinkade needless to say in his eyes I was a lost cause! For the rest of the year I was forbidden to use older art as my influence which I resented. I studied Barbara Hepworth and Henry Moore and managed to tick all the boxes as far as the teacher was concerned, but my favourite is still Thomas Kinkade although I now appreciate some modern art, mostly Hepworth.


Leigh said...

I love that cake! You know I am an expert now, teehee! Oh my, I love your finds!!! Lucky Lady!!! I wish I lived near you, I have some clocks that need repair! I will have to blog about them. Even my daily clock is on the fritz! I enjoy working TK puzzles too! Oh let us know about the books, If they are good I will try to find them over here!!

Willow said...

Thanks for visiting my blog at Willow's Cottage. I've enjoyed reading some of your posts. I'll be back!

Gina said...

Hi Jane,

I've just followed the link from Lucy's blog as I see you might also be going to the "Bloggy meeting" at the Country Living Fair on March 14th. If you're going can I send you one of the raggy pink carnations that I've sent to the others? If you email me your address I'll pop one in the post for you.

Gina x

Aqeela said...

Well, i never knew that alan titchmarsh was an author aswell as a gardener! I will have to look into some of his books and see if anything appeals. I do like Alan, he has a very friendly face and of course i love abit of gardening. I have one of his gardening books on my shelf, can you recommend any of his novels or is this the first one youve bought?