Monday, 30 June 2008


Today was the day - we travelled up to St George's, Tooting for Em's biopsy, they were checking for damage done by wheat/gluten as well as taking a small tissue sample for analysis. She is still feeling a little sleepy but otherwise quite well and we are now back home. It was a long day as we had to leave home at 5.15 this morning and we returned at 4.30 this afternoon. The doctor will ring with the results next week. Em is relieved as now she can be wheat free (good thing I took rice crackers with us to the hospital, plentiful amounts of toast on offer after the op but nothing wheat free!)
My Mum and Dad gave Tony and I this beautiful fairy couple lamp for our anniversary present at the end of May. It sits by our pond and glows magically in the late evening.
I have finished the baby blanket which I must photograph and I have started cross stitching a gift for my friend who is leaving school at the end of the summer.


Gina said...

Pleased all went well for Em today.

Mrs Moog said...

Your day sounds exhausting - I hope you get those results really soon.


raining sheep said...

Glad you got the doctor's trip done with and that things went well. I love that fairy lamp...I am having such a hard time finding wonderful things for my garden here in Calgary. The fact that it is winter pretty much 8 to 9 months of the year here means there is not an abundance of gardening stores...I want a pretty birdbath and can't find one. Sigh.

Ally Jay said...

Sounds like a long day but hopefully the results will be the start of recovery.
Love the lamp.

Willow said...

I'm so glad that Em is feeling better already. There is a great blog called Gluten Free Girl that has a lot of recipes and ideas and connections on it. Maybe Em would like to connect with her.

I'm back in blogland and will be posting soon. Just wanted to visit everyone first.

The needlecase is wonderful!

Aqeela said...

I just wanted to send my thoughts over to you, hope Ems results are positive God willing,