Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Field trips and Father's Day

Last Tuesday I went to Littlehampton with one of our Year 7 Geography classes. We looked at the way the sea moves the pebbles and sediment across the beach and the role of the groynes. The students had work books and completed a field sketch about the sea front showing its commercialisation and development.

Today it is Em's turn to go on the same trip which she is very excited about. As I started this post this morning and completed it this afternoon I can now tell you that Em had a lovely time, it turned out to be a warm sunny day too, perfect weather for walking.
Em's guide unit is joining a summer camp this year which will be all about worldwide guiding.

So they needed to make a 9m x 2m collage for the side of the marquee with Sydney, Australia as the subject. They decided to choose The Opera House using sheets to make up to the correct size, one of the other Guide's mum helped me plot and cut out the sails of The Opera House. I took it all home to dye the sheets blue, then I did all the stitching and added some jeans material to make the windows and the base. On some of the sails I added some wadding and stitched in the ribs of the roof. Last week I took the collage back for the girls to decorate with all things Australian. It looks fantastic but I will take a picture when it is done as there is lots of sewing still to do.
This weekend on Saturday we went to the Amberley Working Museum as they had a Steam Day with traction engines all coaled up and running around the site. Some of the engines were steam rollers used for road laying by local councils whilst others included a fun fair showmans engine, a minature version, a steam lorry and steam bus.
On Sunday, Fathers Day, we visited Bentley Wildfowl and Motor Museum, East Sussex. It was a beautiful day out wandering around the car collection and walking through the wildfowl reserve oohing and aahing at the ducklings and goslings. The gardens were fragrant with Roses and full of colour, then we were able to enjoy a meal in their restaurant.


Locket Pocket said...

Your Sydney Opera House sewing looks amazing! I'm looking forward to seeing it when it has all the girls' work on too - it will be great! Lucy x

Elizabeth said...

What a fun Guide project.
Hi Jane, thanks for stopping by my blog. I'd love to see your grandmother's version of the needle and thimble hat. It must have been a popular pattern of the day.

Willow said...

Hi Jane,
Thanks for your warm welcome to England. We are having a grand time. We have been thrilled to see our son, too, as we have all met here in London. Thanks for ordering the sunny weather for the weekend!

mushroommeadows said...

Great start to the collage! :)

Ally Jay said...

I was born in Littlehampton! You must get your DD to find the NZ North shore Guide rep Amanda who will be there for us. I couldn't go this year, too many other commitments.

Kaz said...

Wow Jane you've been busy with the Australia project. I'll look forward to seeing what it looks like when it's done.

Mrs Moog said...

Wow - your Sydney Opera House is fab and I'm in awe of you doing something so HUGE!!!

Glad you had a lovely Father's Day weekend :)