Thursday, 5 June 2008

A tag!

Lesley has been tagged and I have taken up the tag from her for Six Unspectacular Quirks about me and the rules are:
* Link the person who tagged you
*Mention the rules in your blog
*Tell about six unspectacular quirks of yours
*Tag a new set of six following bloggers by linking them:

I can't drink wine - sorry I can't stand the taste!
I love tea, but tea in bed in the morning - no chance T gets up at 4.30am!!!!!
I like having my shoulders massaged - they get too knotted up
I love steam trains,
I collect teddybears & teaspoons
I'm scared of moths (stayed in a house with a airing cupboard full of them when I was a child and I pulled out a blanket - still gives me the shivers thinking about it)

Ok so who would like to take up the challenge? I won't tag six people I'll leave it to you to decide. Thank you if you do decide to do the tag.

This week Em has been diagnosed after blood tests as positive Coeliac so now we wait for a biopsy appointment in London for final confirmation. It has taken so long to get this answer it is a relief, but I do wish it hadn't taken so long.

Sadly the Grey Wagtails, having built a lovely nest, have decided not to use it. They are still visiting the garden so I remain hopeful that we may see some young birds soon.

Hope you have a good weekend.



Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear about the positive diagnosis (hope the biopsy goes well), but at least now you know what it is, and can move on.

Raising a child with coeliac disease isn't that bad - my eldest was diagnosed 11 years ago - but it does have its difficult moments.

How is she feeling about it?

Mrs Moog said...

I'm sure it's a relief to have a diagnosis for Em - it must be a lot to take in. I hope everything goes well for her.

Great six facts about you. I don't blame you for not having your tea brought to you at that unearthly hour!!


Willow said...

So, do you like beer instead?

What exactly will be the situation for Em? No wheat products? I'm so sorry she's been ill with this.

Locket Pocket said...

Poor Em - but it will make it easier to work things out for her. Dorothy has tummy problems and we had all sorts of tests done but all they could say was IBS with no concrete advice on how to treat it or what was aggravating it : (

Great random facts too but it means you won't like it chez Locket as I LOVE wine and we unfortunately have moths - can't find out how to get rid of them!

Aqeela said...

I went to a conference on thursday about coeliac disease, run by the gluten free food producers 'Juvela'. My husbands grandma has to eat all things gluten free so i took her. i didnt know too much about it but i really learnt alot! I hope you dont struggle to find suitable foods, i know the NHS have about 200 gluten free foods available on prescription, so maybe you should find out more about that. There is also a handbook listing everything which is gluten free, all the brands and stuff. I hope i havent told you anything you already know!

Lindsay XX