Saturday, 21 June 2008

Sydney Opera House and a little hat

Whilst I was visiting Alison's blog I popped over to Elizabeth at Kitty Cafe where Elizabeth had posted a photo of a tiny hat thimble and needle case which used to belong to her Grandmother.

This is my Little thimble/needle case hat which my Gran gave to me, it looks very similar to Elizabeth's and is only slighlty larger than a 50 pence.
Further photos of the Sydney Opera House collage, which the guides have spent two weeks adding items too. I love all of it but the item that made me laugh was the pink car and speach bubble from Sheila's Wheels.

Myself and the other Guide Mum - Jan worked along side pining and stitching, threading needles and chatting to the girls. Lesley our Guide Leader requested a sailing ship like the tall ships race, so I cut out and started to sew a tea clipper and Jan added Sydney in large letters along the bottom. It isn't finished yet and we don't get another opportunity to sew with the girls until three weeks time. So I shall try and do some more sewing before then as it needs to be ready for early August.
I was hoping to do some gardening today but I think it may have to wait until the rain stops.
Hope you have a happy weekend Jane x


Elizabeth said...

i do wonder if any other bloggers have a needle and thimble hat, I'd love to see them.
The sewing is going along well, I love the Sheila reference.
Rain all weekend here (again!) You'd think it was England or something...

Mrs Moog said...

Wow, that Sydney banner is really fab - great Pink car and I love the hat with corks!!


Kaz said...

That project is coming along great!! There's such a lot of work going into it.

Unknown said...

Hi Jane - I just found you through Born to Read and knit and wanted to thank you for giving the link to Knitting Pattern Central - what a great resource! I love the look of your collage - it is such a fun project.

Gina said...

Love the little needlecase Jane - what a precious thing to have from your grandmother. The Sydney banner is looking great!

Ally Jay said...

The banner is coming along nicely. I love the pink car too. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Nice to have you visit.

raining sheep said...

Beautiful collage...I love projects like that because it encourages kids to work together and be creative...and they remember those moments when they are older.

mushroommeadows said...'s beautiful! I wish I could see it up closer because there are so many amazing details!